Swertres Result History 2023 | Complete Summary 2023 3D Result History

Swertres Result History 2023


Swertres Result History 2023: 2PM, 5PM, and 9PM Draws

The Swertres Lotto, a popular lotto game in the Philippines, has continued to captivate players in 2023 with its thrice-daily draws. Here, we provide a detailed look at the Swertres result history for the year 2023, covering the 3D Lotto 2PM, 5PM, and 9PM draws.

This comprehensive summary offers enthusiasts and regular players a chance to review past results, analyze patterns, and perhaps even strategize for future plays.

Swertres Results Summary 2PM 3D Lotto Draws

The 2PM draw, the first of the day, sets the tone for Swertres players. In 2023, these midday results have shown a fascinating mix of numbers.

[Specific data or notable patterns observed in the 3D Lotto 2PM draw results for 2023 will be added soon.]

3D Lotto Results History 5PM Swertres Draw

As the day progresses, the 5PM draw brings another opportunity for players to test their luck. The results for the 5PM draws in 2023 have been intriguing, with a unique set of numbers making frequent appearances.

 [This section would include specific details or highlights from the Swertres 5PM draw results. The complete data will be added soon.]

Swertres Results History 9PM 3D Lotto Draws

The final 3D Lotto draw of the day at 9PM often holds the most anticipation. The 2023 results for this evening draw have had their share of surprises and expected outcomes.

Here are the specific trends, numbers, or interesting occurrences from the Swertres 9PM draws.

Complete 3D Result History 9PM Draws

The total Winners of the 3D Lotto 9PM Draw for the year 2023 are 171,506, and the total payout from PCSO Lotto had reached to the staggering and whopping amount of P 783, 049, 500.00 detailed by months as follows:

Total Winners and Payout

MonthsWinners Prize Amount TOTAL PAYOUT
January 202314,867 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           66,901,500.00
February 202313,255 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           59,647,500.00
March 202315,349 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           69,070,500.00
April 2023 9,311 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           53,172,000.00
May 202316,168 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           72,756,000.00
June 202312,168 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           54,756,000.00
July 202319,437 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           87,466,500.00
August 202316,560 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           74,520,000.00
September 202315,395 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           69,277,500.00
October 202311,998 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           53,991,000.00
November 202313,370 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           60,165,000.00
December 202313,628 ₱         4,500.00 ₱           61,326,000.00
TOTAL171,506 ₱        783,049,500.00

Summary of 3D Result History 2023 for Triple and Double Numbers

The 3D or Swertres Lotto, a staple in Philippine daily gaming, has always intrigued players with its variety of number combinations.

In 2023, the fascination continues, especially with the occurrence of Swertres 3D Lotto triple and double numbers in the 2PM, 5PM, and 9PM draws.

This section delves into these specific patterns, offering a closer look at the trends and frequencies of such combinations in the 2023 Swertres result history.

Triple Numbers in 2023 3D Lotto Draws

Triple numbers, where all three digits are the same, are a rare and exciting occurrence in Swertres Lotto.

In 2023, the 2PM, 5PM, and 9PM 3D Swertres lotto draws have each presented a few instances of these sought-after combinations.

9PM Draws 3D Lotto Result History of Triple Winning Numbers

Draw DateWinning NumbersWinners Prize AmountPAYOUT
2023-08-300001088 ₱       4,500.00 ₱          4,896,000.00
2023-01-127771088 ₱       4,500.00 ₱          4,896,000.00
2023-08-238881088 ₱       4,500.00 ₱          4,896,000.00
2023-08-119991088 ₱       4,500.00 ₱          4,896,000.00
2023-09-089991088 ₱       4,500.00 ₱          4,896,000.00
2023-10-13999573 ₱       4,500.00 ₱          2,578,500.00
       6,013 ₱       27,058,500.00

5PM Draw 3D Lotto Result Summary of Triple Winning Numbers

5PM Swertres Result Summary Triple Winning Numbers will be posted soon.

2PM Draw Swertres Result Summary of Triple Winning Numbers

2PM Swertres Result Summary Triple Winning Numbers will be posted soon.

Summary of Double Numbers in Swertres Result History 2023 Draws

Double numbers, where two out of the three digits are the same, are more common in Swertres draws and are often a target for seasoned players. The 2023 3D lotto draws at 2PM, 5PM, and 9PM have seen a variety of double number combinations.

Notable patterns and frequently occurring pairs of 3D Lotto 2023 history for 2PM, 5PM, and 9PM PCSO Lotto draws are in this Swertres Double Winning Combinations article.

Notable Patterns in the 2023 Swertres Result History

While each draw is independent, analyzing the Swertres result history can provide insights into the frequency of certain numbers. Players often look for patterns or repeat occurrences as part of their strategy.

In 2023, notable patterns or frequently drawn numbers across the different times of draws will be posted soon.

In summary, the Swertres Result History for 2023 offers a fascinating glimpse into the world of this beloved lotto game.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the game, understanding past results can enhance your playing experience and maybe even improve your chances of predicting future outcomes.

PCSO Swertres 3D Lotto Reminders

To purchase 3D Tickets or collect your 3D winnings, individuals must be of legal age, at least 18 years old.

The play amount of 10.00 includes a 20% Documentary Stamp Tax (DST).

Players bear the exclusive responsibility of verifying the precision of the information imprinted on their ticket(s), encompassing bet type, bet amount, desired draw date, and the selected numbers for play.


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