Gain Insights from the November 2023 EZ2 Result History

ez2 result history


In the captivating world of lotto, where fortunes hang in the balance with every draw, EZ2 Lotto stands out as a game of simplicity and opportunity. As we delve into the EZ2 Result History for November 2023, we embark on a journey to uncover the patterns and outcomes that shaped the game during this fascinating month.

Exploring the EZ2 Lotto Experience

EZ2 Lotto, known for its straightforward gameplay, tasks players with selecting two numbers from a range of 1 to 31. The objective is to match these chosen numbers with the numbers drawn in the exact order. It’s a game that appeals to both seasoned players and newcomers seeking their slice of fortune.

A Glimpse into EZ2 History

To understand the dynamics of EZ2 Lotto in November 2023, we must examine its history. The EZ2 history for the year provides valuable insights into the game’s trends, frequencies, and the elusive patterns that players strive to decipher.

EZ2 Result History for November 2023

Now, let’s journey back to November 2023 and explore the EZ2 Result History for this intriguing month which is part of the EZ2 Result History 2023. EZ2 Result for November 2023 resulted in a total of 30,411 winners and a whopping P 121,644,000 total prize payout from the PCSO Lotto.

2D Lotto 2PM
TOTAL WINNERS           10,083
2D Lotto 5PMTOTAL WINNERS             5,978
2D Lotto 9PMTOTAL WINNERS           14,350

Insights from November 2023 EZ2 Result History

Analyzing EZ2 Result History isn’t just about reliving the past; it’s about gaining insights that can enhance future gameplay. By studying the EZ2 history of draws, players can make informed choices when selecting their numbers, strategizing their bets, and increasing their odds of success.

2 PM EZ2 Result History

2D Lotto 2PM17 – 1811/01/20234,000.00109
2D Lotto 2PM31 – 2211/02/20234,000.0052
2D Lotto 2PM01 – 1411/03/20234,000.00187
2D Lotto 2PM10 – 1211/04/20234,000.00441
2D Lotto 2PM12 – 2211/05/20234,000.00336
2D Lotto 2PM04 – 2711/06/20234,000.00378
2D Lotto 2PM04 – 0411/07/20234,000.00935
2D Lotto 2PM06 – 0811/08/20234,000.00921
2D Lotto 2PM17 – 0111/09/20234,000.0099
2D Lotto 2PM10 – 2111/10/20234,000.00854
2D Lotto 2PM14 – 1211/11/20234,000.00323
2D Lotto 2PM23 – 0711/12/20234,000.00186
2D Lotto 2PM22 – 2411/13/20234,000.00206
2D Lotto 2PM16 – 2111/14/20234,000.00302
2D Lotto 2PM18 – 2011/15/20234,000.00109
2D Lotto 2PM02 -2411/16/20234,000.00302
2D Lotto 2PM06 – 2211/17/20234,000.00411
2D Lotto 2PM15 – 2311/18/20234,000.00346
2D Lotto 2PM29 – 1711/19/20234,000.0069
2D Lotto 2PM02 – 1911/20/20234,000.00328
2D Lotto 2PM19 – 2811/21/20234,000.00670
2D Lotto 2PM06 – 2311/22/20234,000.00457
2D Lotto 2PM21 – 0211/23/20234,000.00173
2D Lotto 2PM21 – 1411/24/20234,000.00192
2D Lotto 2PM28 – 1111/25/20234,000.00418
2D Lotto 2PM27 – 1711/26/20234,000.00167
2D Lotto 2PM01 – 3011/27/20234,000.00703
2D Lotto 2PM31 – 2411/28/20234,000.00155
2D Lotto 2PM24 – 0111/29/20234,000.00130
2D Lotto 2PM28 – 1511/30/20244,000.00124
2D Lotto 2PMTOTAL WINNERS           10,083

5 PM EZ2 Result History

2D Lotto 5PM31 – 2611/01/20234,000.0044
2D Lotto 5PM16 – 2811/02/20234,000.0065
2D Lotto 5PM05 – 0711/03/20234,000.00564
2D Lotto 5PM25 – 1611/04/20234,000.00106
2D Lotto 5PM05 – 1711/05/20234,000.00200
2D Lotto 5PM06 – 2111/06/20234,000.00216
2D Lotto 5PM21 – 1911/07/20234,000.0032
2D Lotto 5PM07 – 0111/08/20234,000.00168
2D Lotto 5PM18 – 2011/09/20234,000.00175
2D Lotto 5PM21 – 0811/10/20234,000.00238
2D Lotto 5PM03 – 0411/11/20234,000.00223
2D Lotto 5PM05 – 0511/12/20234,000.00935
2D Lotto 5PM26 – 0911/13/20234,000.0044
2D Lotto 5PM30 – 1611/14/20234,000.00101
2D Lotto 5PM16 – 2311/15/20234,000.00278
2D Lotto 5PM04 – 0311/16/20234,000.0094
2D Lotto 5PM17 – 2511/17/20234,000.00262
2D Lotto 5PM23 – 1011/18/20234,000.00173
2D Lotto 5PM23 – 0311/19/20234,000.0074
2D Lotto 5PM04 – 0911/20/20234,000.00216
2D Lotto 5PM23 – 2811/21/20234,000.00146
2D Lotto 5PM31 – 1411/22/20234,000.0089
2D Lotto 5PM19 – 0611/23/20234,000.0059
2D Lotto 5PM19 – 1511/24/20234,000.0055
2D Lotto 5PM18 – 1411/25/20234,000.00125
2D Lotto 5PM24 – 2011/26/20234,000.0079
2D Lotto 5PM27 – 1011/27/20234,000.00168
2D Lotto 5PM12 – 0211/28/20234,000.00400
2D Lotto 5PM26 – 2611/29/20234,000.00405
2D Lotto 5PM09 – 0511/30/20234,000.00244
2D Lotto 5PMTOTAL WINNERS             5,978

9 PM EZ2 Result History

2D Lotto 9PM18 – 0411/01/20234,000.00185
2D Lotto 9PM09 – 0311/02/20234,000.00510
2D Lotto 9PM20 – 3011/03/20234,000.00204
2D Lotto 9PM08 – 0911/04/20234,000.00985
2D Lotto 9PM21 – 0611/05/20234,000.00319
2D Lotto 9PM26 – 2711/06/20234,000.00347
2D Lotto 9PM24 – 1011/07/20234,000.00407
2D Lotto 9PM24 – 1511/08/20234,000.00108
2D Lotto 9PM16 – 0611/09/20234,000.00293
2D Lotto 9PM12 – 1611/10/20234,000.00985
2D Lotto 9PM02 – 0811/11/20234,000.00589
2D Lotto 9PM07 – 0811/12/20234,000.00734
2D Lotto 9PM29 – 3011/13/20234,000.00388
2D Lotto 9PM12 – 0311/14/20234,000.00607
2D Lotto 9PM15 – 2611/15/20234,000.00446
2D Lotto 9PM06 – 1811/16/20234,000.00665
2D Lotto 9PM06 – 2611/17/20234,000.00721
2D Lotto 9PM15 – 1011/18/20234,000.00985
2D Lotto 9PM26 – 1811/19/20234,000.00127
2D Lotto 9PM28 – 0411/20/20234,000.00268
2D Lotto 9PM04 – 2011/21/20234,000.00619
2D Lotto 9PM21 – 2211/22/20234,000.00430
2D Lotto 9PM21 – 3011/23/20234,000.00171
2D Lotto 9PM19 – 1011/24/20234,000.00407
2D Lotto 9PM23 – 0211/25/20234,000.00133
2D Lotto 9PM28 – 0711/26/20234,000.00246
2D Lotto 9PM10 – 2811/27/20234,000.00985
2D Lotto 9PM07 – 2711/28/20234,000.00686
2D Lotto 9PM27 – 2111/29/20234,000.00130
2D Lotto 9PM04 – 2411/30/20234,000.00670
2D Lotto 9PMTOTAL WINNERS           14,350

EZ2 Lotto is More Than Numbers

Beyond the numbers and draws, EZ2 Lotto is a game of dreams, hope, and the belief that a simple combination of two digits can lead to life-changing fortunes. It’s about the excitement of checking results, the camaraderie among players, and the anticipation of what tomorrow’s draw might bring.


As we wrap up our journey through the EZ2 Result History for November 2023, we encourage players to stay informed and engaged with the game. The history of EZ2 Lotto is a valuable resource for those who seek to master the art of prediction and increase their chances of winning.

Remember, while analyzing EZ2 history can offer insights, it’s essential to play responsibly and enjoy the journey. Who knows, your winning combination might be just a draw away. Stay tuned, stay informed, and may your EZ2 Lotto journey be filled with success and excitement.

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