Prayer for Protection and Safety Against Typhoon – English Version

Prayer for Typhoon Protection


Prayer for Typhoon Protection

Watch, listen, and join this prayer for typhoon protection.

Prayer for Typhoon Protection

Together, let us do this Prayer for Protection and Safety Against Typhoons, not just as individuals, but as a community united in faith and hope.

Lord God, Loving and Almighty Father, Creator of heaven and earth, we come before You now, seeking Your guidance and protection against the storms and typhoons we are about to face.

In the midst of howling winds and nature’s fury, we pray for Your guidance and care.

We implore You, Lord God, to save us and our loved ones, as well as the entire nation, from any danger, disaster, and calamity brought by the impending storms and typhoons.

With each drop and heavy downpour of rain, with every lash of the fierce winds, may we feel Your presence and the embrace of safety, granting our hearts and minds sufficient strength and hope.

Almighty God, in this hour of our fear and anxiety, we earnestly pray and call upon Your unmatched and endless mercy.

Strengthen our hearts, now filled with fear and trepidation.

Grant unwavering fortitude to our minds, fraught with worry, and bolster our faith, which seems to flicker amidst life’s trials and challenges.

Fortify our faith, Lord, to face any danger that the coming storms and typhoons may bring.

May we see Your face in every aid we receive, and in every opportunity, we have to help our fellow beings.

Guide also those on the frontlines of rescue, the doctors, nurses, and all who assist the needy and serve the welfare of others, including our leaders and community officials.

Endow them with the strength and protection they need in their duties.

Into Your hands and most Divine power, we surrender all our anxieties, fears, and worries.

May we remain steadfast amidst the coming storms and typhoons, strong in faith and unity.

We praise and thank You for all the blessings we have received, Lord.

In the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior, we pray wholeheartedly.


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