7 Smart and Safe Shopping Tips During the Shope Payday Sale



Brace your wallets, everyone, another big Shope sale is coming. In just a few days, Shopee’s Payday Sale will be upon us!

After hustling every day, it’s time to finally treat yourself. You’ve worked hard and you should reap the benefits of all your efforts. After grinding day after day, an occasional splurge is certainly justifiable.

However, you shouldn’t just spend indiscriminately either – make sure you’ve still got some money left for your savings!

Make the most of your hard-earned money during Shopee’s Payday Sale with these smart and safe shopping tips.

Smart and Safe Shopping Tips During the Shope Payday Sale

Planning a shopping spree this payday? Make the most out of your salary at Shopee’s Payday Sale with these smart shopping tips and tricks!

Avail Cashback Rewards

Shop coins are cashback rewards that you can use to get discounts on your next purchase(s). Every peso counts, so try to earn as many coins as possible while shopping.

To earn more coins, click on the ‘Daily Check-In’ button on the Coins Rewards page. Other ways to earn Shope coins include rating your purchases, playing Shope games, and watching live streams.

Want more coins? Shop during the Payday Sale to enjoy all-day 15% cashback (capped at 200 coins) with no minimum spend!

Always Check Free Shipping

Who doesn’t love FREE shipping? Before checking out your Shopee purchase(s), always double-check if free shipping vouchers are available. Your favorite shops might also offer free shipping vouchers on select items, so make sure to check that too.

This Shope Payday Sale, make sure to get your carts ready – you can enjoy all-day free shipping with no minimum spend from thousands of participating shops!

Use ShopeePay for Perks

Pay bills, buy loads, and shop with ShopeePay, Shope’s in-app mobile wallet to enjoy safe transactions, rewards, and perks!

Use ShopeePay during the Payday Sale to enjoy all-day sitewide free shipping and 15% coins cashback.

You can also enjoy Php 1 deals from McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Jollibee with ShopeePay. Buy Php 10 mobile load for only Php 6 all day, and enjoy bigger discounts at 12 AM-1 AM, 12 NN-1 PM, and 5 PM-6 PM.

Plus, you also get 20% cashback when you pay your bills using ShopeePay for the first time!

Read Reviews

With huge discounts, it can be tempting to just buy anything and everything you want in this Shope Payday Sale.

However, you shouldn’t rush – make sure that what you’re getting is actually worth the money.

One way to check the quality of the product and the credibility of the seller is by reading reviews.

Reading reviews of something you have your eye on will help you make an informed choice – and help you figure out if it’s actually the right product for you.

Reading reviews is especially important if you’re purchasing high-value items like tech gadgets and home appliances.

By reading reviews, you’ll learn what people’s experiences are with their purchases.

Reading reviews before you make a Shope purchase will make sure that you’re getting the best value – and that you won’t lose money on something defective or unusable.

Use Multiple Vouchers Strategically

Shope allows you to combine different promo codes and coupons at the checkout, so make sure to use them strategically! Shope allows you to use up to 3 vouchers in your checkout.

The 3 vouchers that you can use together in one checkout are:

  • 1 Shopee Voucher (this can be a cashback voucher, a cash rebate voucher, or a discount voucher)
  • 1 seller voucher (this can be the seller’s follow voucher, cash rebate voucher, or discount voucher)
  • 1 shipping voucher (this can be any free shipping voucher you claimed)

Take Advantage of Exclusive Discounts on Shope Mall

Check out the Payday Sale to enjoy up to 90% off on top Shope Mall brands, such as Huggies, Unilever Homecare, L’Oréal Paris, Omega Houseware, Penshoppe, Xtreme Appliances, and Logitech.

Use the promo code MALLPAYDAY15 on all Shope Mall items to enjoy 15% cashback (capped at 200 coins) for Php 500 minimum spend. For more discounts, you can also apply multiple shop vouchers per order.

Try to Haggle with the Seller

Some shops allow buyers to ‘Make an Offer’ – this enables buyers to possibly haggle with the seller. So, how does it work?

  • On the product page, tap the ‘Chat Now button.
  • Tap ‘Make an Offer’ to set your offer price and quantity. In the chat room, you may also send any pictures or inquiries, and you even call the seller (if they enable the Direct Call function).
  • If the seller accepts your offer, the product will be added to your shopping cart. Tap on ‘Go to Shopping Cart’ to view your cart.
  • Place your order at the newly agreed price!

Note that sellers can reject your offer.

Best Shope Payday Deals to Watch Out For

Purchase all the products you’ve been eyeing and more at Shope this Shopee’s Payday Sale features discounts up to 90% off on select products. Check out some of the best Shope Payday Deals you need to watch out for.

Beauty Must-Haves

When you look good, you feel good. Treat your skin to some extra TLC this payday! Enjoy amazing deals from brands like L’Oreal and Nippon this Payday Sale.

L’Oreal Radiance Booster Duo

(from Php 743 to Php 369). This gently exfoliates your skin to remove dead skin cells. Suffer from dry skin? This can also give dry skin a hydrating boost!

Nippon Dual Purpose Cleaner

(from Php 510 to Php 420). Before using your makeup sponges and brushes, use the Nippon Dual Purpose Cleaner to remove any dirt, oil, and makeup residue.

Canmake Skin Gel UV and Foundation

(from Php 1,740 to Php 1,310). Shield your skin from harmful UV rays with Canmake Skin Gel UV and Foundation! This provides lightweight sun protection and sweat- and sebum-resistant coverage.

Electronics and Gadgets

Looking to upgrade your outdated electronics or are you looking for new gadgets to add to your collection? Here are some recommendations which you can get at discounted prices for this Shope Payday Sale.

JBL On-Ear Headphones

(from 1,699 to Php 850). Enjoy crisp audio quality whether you’re in-game or in a meeting! The JBL On-Ear Headphones feature a powerful bass sound and a built-in mic.

Logitech Pro HD Webcam

(from Php 4,699 to Php 3,936). Stay in touch with family, friends, and colleagues using the Logitech Pro HD Webcam which has a maximum resolution of 1080p/30fps.

Philips Full HD LCD Monitor

(from Php 8,625 to Php 6,545). The Philips Full HD LCD Monitor makes it easy for you to juggle multiple projects with its 4ms response time.

At-Home Workout Essentials

Love working out? Since you still can’t go out amid this pandemic, here are some at-home workout essentials which you can grab for discounted prices during the Payday Sale.

Adidas Running Shoes

(from Php 3,000 to Php 1,750). A pair of Adidas Running Shoes with its mesh, ultra-soft cushioning, and cushioned midsole is the perfect running or jogging companion.

Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch

(from Php 12,999 to Php 5,199). Keep track of your progress with the Amazfit T-Rex Smart Watch which multitasks as an accelerometer, altimeter, and compass!

Klean Kanteen w/ Café Cap

(from Php 1,650 to Php 1,320). Stay hydrated and bring your protein shakes everywhere you go with Klean Kanteen w/ Café Cap – a vacuum-insulated, food-grade, and leak-proof bottle.

Shope User Reviews

Here are some reviews from Shope users:

“I have been buying things from shopee for a couple of years now. What I like about them is that you can really save a lot of money, especially during special days.” – Quedom

“It helps me with my shopping needs. I love this online shopping app it helps me so much. I have multiple sclerosis I can’t walk but because of shopee I can purchase the things I need and things I want without going out or going to the mall. Plus there’s so many discounts and promos.” – Joveleine

Shopee is a great online business site. There is a lot of product to choose from. There is a guarantee to get your money back when the products you choose is in a bad condition. Always buy products from shopee.” – Jia

“Bad after-sales service. Irresponsible Shopee Courier. Products from shape are average but useful and serve the purpose. I also don’t understand why they accept sellers that sell knock-off beauty products.

You know those K products in sampler size with the cheapest price, too good to be true! But this is not what most disappointed me. It was the after-sales.

After I placed my order and waited for days, it never arrived even after its ETA. It turned out to be canceled by the “Shopee Courier” also owned by Shopee.

It was auto-canceled by the courier without informing us and letting me wait in vain. The sad and frustrating part was when the customer service rep told me that it was COD and nothing was gotten from me.

Is that what you called customer service? The agent was also sarcastic. The seller had also no idea that my order was canceled by the shopee courier.” – Mamini

“Satisfied Shopee user. I’m happy and thankful that online selling platforms, like Shopee, exist. In this time of crisis, going out to buy products is too risky.

I’m just glad that the things I want are just a click away. I bought lovely items and transacted with kind and legit sellers, both local and foreign, and I got what I paid for, and so much more, trust.

Though I have to admit that buyers’ patience will be tested, especially for overseas orders, since the lead time takes too long because of the ongoing community quarantine.

Just a word for those who got scammed, I understand that you lost your hard-earned cash, and it’s really frustrating not to get your money’s worth, but always remember that online shopping is not without its risk. If the deal is too good to be true, then it is.

Check seller ratings, if the sales with negative feedback are just in a span of days-weeks, don’t transact. And if the costs reach 4-digits or more, always choose COD, or better yet, buy in legitimate physical stores if possible.” – S

“Online site that made my life even easier in online shopping. Recommended site. Due to sellers are well mannered and approachable. And they give free shipping sometimes for zero minimum amount..” – Tarah

“Shopee used to be a great help for consumers who are looking for a variety of products at a more affordable price. This is not the case now since customer reviews are NOT IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. Positive reviews are being prioritized.

This marketing strategy would MISLEAD shoppers about the current status of the products. What if the quality has changed?

This information is hidden since negative reviews are not readily accessible. Customer reviews are very important to protect consumers. Hope this concern reaches the Shopee management.” – Eric

“I like Shopee because there’s just a lot of products being sold at a very small price compared to other shops. If their goal is to hook shopaholics like me then they already succeeded.” – Sarah

“Shopee is a reliable site to shop online, I like that you can chat with the seller and discuss the items you wanted to buy, it’s a very straightforward site, you bought the items, and the seller will ship them and arrive as the date’s stated, no delays whatsoever, unlike my experience with Lazada their customer service sucks! And delivery’s late for more than a week, plus they’ll send you the wrong and defective item.

I like shopee’s COD, been buying some household stuff from this site and I am happy with my purchases, I am a returning customer and will definitely come back if I need more shopping to do. Shopee ROCKS!” Lech F.

“I like to buy from this site… so easy to make payment and my parcel has sent to my home directly…” – Syakirah

“Shopee offers a wide range of products – the app is user-friendly. Lots of promotional offers. Though choosing the items is at the buyer’s risk, Shopee offers a smart return policy.” – Kath


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