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Commonly known as the “Queen of Fruit” in Southeast Asia, Mangosteen (Garcinia mangostana) used to be just another tropical fruit the size of a tennis ball.

At first, it was just highly valued for its juicy, delicate texture and slightly sour and sweet flavor – that was until its healing powers were discovered, and the fruit’s phytochemicals were carefully studied in the 70s.

You will never fail to recognize this fruit because of its royal purple color and its green flowery crown.

It is a tropical evergreen tree with edible fruit that grows mainly in Southeast Asia, Southwest India, and other tropical areas such as Puerto Rico, Colombia, and Florida.

Mangosteen belongs to a group of delicacies known as ‘super fruits’ due to its polyphenolic acids content which includes the tannins and anti-oxidant xanthones that can help cure most illnesses, from heart diseases to cancer.

Today, the healing power of mangosteen is available in various forms, including tea, coffee, and capsules under the brand name MX3 and All Natural Supreme Mangosteen.

About MX3

MX3 is the brand of nutritional supplement popularly found in the market today. It is the original and all-natural product of D.M.I Medical Supply Co., Inc. Its active ingredient is known as Xanthone, a phytonutrient derived from the Mangosteen fruit.

It stands for Mangostana Xanthone. The number 3 stands for Alpha, Beta, and Gamma – the 3 powerful antioxidants found in Mangosteen.

It is manufactured for DMI by their partner in health, Northfield Laboratories, in Malolos Bulacan. Northfield Laboratories has been rewarded as a Certified ISO Laboratory and observes Good Manufacturing Practices.

About D.M.I Medical Supply Co., Inc.

DMI is a fast-growing company with diverse business dealings from selling Pharmaceutical Products to the distribution of high-quality Natural Food supplements and natural-based beverages like coffee and tea.

DMI is determined to create a breakthrough in Health-Wellness and contribute to the overall welfare of Filipinos in particular, and humanity in general.

Its core values are anchored in the biblical truths whereby all actions are concluded. The Company believes in Excellence for the ultimate glory of GOD.


A global business leader for superior organic health products that contributes wellness to mankind.


To create a business model that advances the Great Commission.

MX3 Benefits

Dubbed a ‘super fruit’ mangosteen has numerous health benefits. Below, we list some of the many benefits that you get from MX3.

It is highly nutritious

Mangosteen is fairly low in calories, but it provides many essential nutrients, including Vitamins C, B1, B2, and B9; protein; copper; manganese; fiber, and magnesium.

The essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber found in mangosteen are vital for maintaining many bodily functions, including immunity, nerve signaling, wound healing, and DNA production.

It may have anti-inflammatory benefits

The xanthones found in mangosteen may play a vital role in reducing inflammation. Studies suggest that xanthones have an anti-inflammatory effect and may reduce the risk of inflammatory diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

However, while this data is encouraging, more research is necessary to better understand how mangosteen affects inflammation.

It may promote weight loss

In the health and wellness world, one of mangosteen’s biggest claims to fame is its potential to help with weight loss.

For instance, one study found that people who supplemented their diets with 90, 180, or 270 ml of mangosteen juice twice every day tended to have a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to the control group.

It promotes a healthy immune system

Mangosteen contains fiber and Vitamin C – both of which are crucial for a healthy immune system. Fiber supports your healthy gut bacteria which is a vital component of immunity.

Vitamin C is necessary for the function of various immune cells and has antioxidant properties.

Moreover, some research suggests that certain plant compounds in mangosteen may have antibacterial properties.

These could benefit your immune health by fighting potentially harmful bacteria. In one study, participants who took a mangosteen-containing supplement experienced reduced inflammation markers.

They also experienced greater increases in healthy immune cell numbers compared to participants taking a placebo.

It may have anti-cancer benefits

Population studies reveal that diets rich in vegetables and fruits like mangosteen are linked with reduced cancer rates.

Specific plant compounds in mangosteen – particularly xanthones – have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, which may help fight the development and spread of cancerous cells.


Below, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions about MX3.

What makes MX3 different from other food supplements?

MX3 is an innovative product with xanthone as a new ingredient to achieving good health. Presently, there is no equivalent in the market carrying the same effectiveness and benefits of xanthone in their health product.

Can’t I just boil the pericarp of the mangosteen fruit? Why do I still need MX3?

Boiling destroys most of the nutrients of plants, including the mangosteen fruit, thus it is not recommended.

There is a scientific and patented way of extracting xanthone from mangosteen without damaging its efficacy and potency.

What is the recommended dosage of MX3?

MX3 Plus and MX3 capsules are best taken before or between meals to get the most out of them without mixing them with your regular food. On the other hand, MX3 coffee mix and MX3 tea can be taken as a beverage anytime.

How many days or months should I continually take MX3 to get the results?

The effects of MX3 can differ from one person to another because each person has their own unique genetics, constitution, and body makeup.

Due to this, results may vary. However, most people report good results in as little as 1 week to 1 month, depending on their condition.

Its secret health benefit is to continue taking it even when you have already achieved your desired results. 

Can children take MX3?

Children 12 years old and above can take an MX3 capsule provided that they can swallow it. Children below 12 years old, they can take MX3 tea and mix it with honey and lemon to their desired taste. MX3 is basically a fruit extract so it is safe for consumption.

MX3 Price

Currently, there are numerous MX3 products available in the market. Below, is the list along with their prices.


Product Description. MX3 Capsule in a blister pack (10 capsules). Shipping fee applies for 1 or 2 items. Free shipping for 3 or more items.

MX3 Natural Pure G. Mangostana Capsule or commonly known as MX3 Capsule is a natural food supplement that is rich in xanthone- a natural chemical extracted from the pericarp of mangosteen fruit (Garcinia Mangostana L.) and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help boost the immune system.


Garcinia Mangostana L. 500mg

Other ingredients:

Magnesium stearate and Gelatine Capsule

MX3 COFFEE MIX Php 178.00

Product Description.

MX3 Coffee Mix is a flavorful concoction of Premium Coffee packed with 3 anti-oxidants: Alpha, Beta, and Gamma from G. mangostana. Box of 10 sachets.

Direction for Use:

One sachet in a cup of hot water.

MX3 TEA Php 672.00

Product Description. MX3 Tea is a healthy blend of tea made from mangosteen leaves and combined with mangosteen pericarp extract.

This natural-based high-quality tea has a rich taste and is packed with three powerful antioxidants: Alpha Mangostin, Beta Mangostin, and Gamma Mangostin.

MX3 Tea is also infused with pandan (Screw Pine) to enhance the aroma and boost health through pandan’s essential oils and alkaloids.

Box of 20 tea bags.

Direction for Use: Place one teabag in a teapot with 1 liter of hot water to produce 10 cups of tea. Let it steep for 3-5 minutes depending on preferred strength. For maximum benefit, drink 5 or more cups every day, preferably after meals, snacks, and before going to bed.


You may add honey or lemon (kalamansi) according to your desired taste. Can be taken either hot or cold.


Mangosteen leaves and fruit pulp (Garcinia Mangostana), Pandan Leaves, and Pandan Flavor


Product Description. MX3 Capsule for Teens!

MX3 Natural Pure G. Mangostana Capsule or commonly known as MX3 Capsule is a natural food supplement that is rich in xanthone- a natural chemical extracted from the pericarp of mangosteen fruit (Garcinia Mangostana L.) and has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help boost the immune system.

Box of 60 capsules.

Recommended Use:

One capsule 2x a day with a glass full of water.


Garcinia Mangostana L. 350mg                                

Other ingredients:

Magnesium stearate and Gelatine Capsule


Maxant Bar Anti-bacterial Soap has xanthone, a natural potent antioxidant component that protects the skin by decreasing, protecting, and fighting the micro-organisms that cause fungal and bacterial infection, body odor, skin irritation, inflammation, rashes, blemishes, eczema, and dandruff. Maxant Bar Soap does not contain harsh ingredients that may dry or irritate the skin.

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking to boost your health, try taking MX3!

Dubbed a ‘super fruit’ mangosteen has numerous health benefits, from boosting the immune system, and promoting weight loss, to anti-cancer properties, and more.


The information on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All information contained on this website is for general information purposes only.


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