Quick Guide on How to Withdraw Money from PayMaya

how to withdraw with paymaya


Learn more about PayMaya, including its benefits, features, and how to withdraw money from PayMaya in this article.

Until now, you’ve probably been paying for your purchases using cash or mobile money transfers.

However, there’s another, simple, easy, and secure way to make payments with your mobile phone – wallets!

It’s estimated that there are over 3 billion smartphone users worldwide! Many of these people keep their smartphones with them wherever they go, making eWallets a convenient way to pay.

But, what exactly is an eWallet? Also known as digital wallets, eWallets are mobile payment apps that store your payment information on your smartphone. This information can include your debit, credit, and prepaid card details.

If you’re in a store that accepts eWallets, you can pay using Near Field Communication (NFC) – a technology that allows payment information to pass from your phone onto a retailer’s compatible payment terminal just by holding the phone a few centimeters away.

Aside from NFC, you can also scan a QR code with your eWallet app and make the payment. Many apps also allow you to make secure online payments at various online stores.

Today, there are many eWallet apps out there, so which one should you use?

If you’re looking for a trustworthy app for all of your eWallet needs, look no further than PayMaya!

Keep reading to learn more about this eWallet app, including its benefits, features, and how to withdraw money from PayMaya.

PayMaya Description

PayMaya is a FREE eWallet app that caters to your needs for safe, secure, and convenient online transactions using your mobile phone.

You can use the PayMaya app to pay bills, buy loads, make bank transfers, send money, purchase items in-store, scan to pay via QR, and more.

With the PayMaya app, you also get a virtual prepaid card that you can use for booking flights, availing of digital services, and/or shopping online.

You can also get a PayMaya physical card that you can link to the app and use to pay in stores that accept debit and credit cards or to withdraw from ATMs here and abroad.

Moreover, the PayMaya Visa and Mastercard come embedded with an EMV chip for additional security.

The virtual and physical PayMaya cards also share one wallet, so you can view all of your transactions in the app.

You can ‘Add Money’ to your PayMaya account through over 40,000 touchpoints nationwide, including Robinsons Department Store Business Centers, The SM Store Business Service Centers, Ministop, 7-Eleven, Smart Padala outlets, and many more.

PayMaya Benefits

Listed below are 3 of the many benefits of using an eWallet app like PayMaya.

Safe and Secure

Your details and money are safe when you use an eWallet like PayMaya. All of your account information is encrypted – this means that actual account numbers aren’t stored on your phone.

Further, you will need to enter a password (or other verification details) any time you wish to view or change your account information.

This is far safer compared to walking around with credit cards and cash in your pocket!

Also, when you make a payment, the retailer doesn’t receive your credit card details. Instead, a random transaction number is used.

This means that your data is safe from fraud. Furthermore, if you ever lose your phone, you don’t have to worry since eWallets are password-locked.


Like other mobile payment methods, eWallet payments are almost instantaneous, often requiring just a simple wave of your phone.

Once payment has been made, the transaction is automatically recorded for later review.

With PayMaya, you can also make online payments in just a few clicks! As all of your information is already stored in the eWallet, you won’t have to fill in lengthy payment details forms every time you want to make a payment on an eCommerce website.

Better Convenience

If you’re using an eWallet like PayMaya, you can limit the number of debit and/or credit cards you carry when traveling.

Plus, you don’t need to carry a large amount of cash either. All you need to do is tap your device to make a payment or scan your mobile phone to pay for the item you are purchasing.

This reduces the burden of carrying too many things in your pocket for transactions.

How to Withdraw Money from PayMaya

Can you withdraw money from PayMaya? How much can you withdraw? Are there fees when withdrawing?

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about withdrawing from PayMaya.

Can you withdraw money from PayMaya?

If you’re wondering if you can withdraw money from your PayMaya account, the answer is: YES.

You can withdraw money from your PayMaya account using your PayMaya physical card through ATMs here and abroad. However, please note that ATM withdrawals using the physical PayMaya card are available for upgraded users only.

Where to buy PayMaya physical card?

You can purchase your PayMaya physical card through the following:

  • You may also buy the PayMaya physical card from Shopee or Lazada, The SM Store Business Services, and Robinsons Department Store Business Centers.

How to withdraw money from PayMaya?

You can withdraw money from your card from your upgraded account once you have linked your PayMaya physical card and have nominated a PIN. Simply follow these steps:​​

  • Go to an ATM accepting VISA or Mastercard withdrawals locally or abroad 
  • Insert your physical PayMaya card 
  • When prompted, choose “Savings” 
  • Choose or type your desired amount for withdrawal  
  • Enter your card PIN  
  • Claim your cash and receipt 
  • You will receive an SMS about your withdrawal or see from your Activity list the confirmation that you have withdrawn money from your account  

Are there fees charged when I withdraw money from my PayMaya account via ATM?

Yes. You will be charged an ATM withdrawal fee depending on your chosen ATM bank provider. 

PayMaya User Reviews

Below are some reviews from PayMaya users:

“The app keeps eclipsing any e-wallet app I’m aware of, and it’s amazing how they keep doing so! The application’s useful submit money feature is just awesome because it is both simple to use and extremely practical.

They simply make certain that they are more perplexing and that they are all that can be associated with.” – James Nickson D. Alimon

“The app itself is convenient enough but what made it far more functional is when they created a Paymaya physical card!

The card offers convenience, protection, and of course rewards and vouchers that will surely benefit us all users!

The app is trying to tell us that they are always one step further than other applications with their intensive efforts and passion to upgrade their craft.” – Raezee Anne

“Amidst the upsetting circumstances, I still need to work my arse off to continue living. But I sometimes just find it hard to do so without help.

This is where Paymaya comes in with its highly functional, amazingly practical, and ultimately convenient features.

Everything that I find complicated has been done effortlessly with full success. Everything that I need to think of has been reduced to atoms.” – John Agustin

“Works well until there is an issue. I wanted to change the designated mobile number on my account (surely not an uncommon occurrence).

No response, no phone call nothing. And then 9 days later an accusation that I was using multiple accounts and that I had to forgo whatever funds were in ‘one of my accounts to allow them to resolve.

No transparency, no communication. Rubbish service. I will take my custom elsewhere. Pity? PayMaya has potential but until they understand timely customer responses and respect they are out of it.”
– Ray

“This platform has provided adequate excellent service, and if this trend continues, this will undoubtedly become the best e-wallet application shortly.

I admire how flexible this app is in terms of delivering necessary functionality to its users, regardless of how complex their needs are.” – Princess Ello

“I want to use this app to pay easily, but unfortunately I don’t have a valid ID to use for Upgrade, one thing that I don’t like.

They are allowed to put money on it even if the account is not upgraded but can’t access Money Transfer because the Account is not Upgraded.

I’m still finding solutions on how to pull my money back. Not all 18 and above already have their Valid ID and it is impossible to have a Valid ID easily. Thank you.” – Jessa Mae Belbeder

“With the use of the scan-to-pay feature of this app, all the disadvantages that are believed to be the reason why some people don’t use the QR payment have been rendered irrelevant by the upgrades of Paymaya!

The scattered QR code for every partnered merchant of this app has made the QR feature available and therefore accessible to all Paymaya QR payment users!” – Janeric Marimar


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